About Us

Oakfair Industrial, Ltd. was established in Hong Kong and began our own ladder business in 2008.   The main markets are the North America and Europe.  We are one of the leading exporters to Canada markets during 2009-2016.  Most of our customers are running
chain stores with high volume, good quality is the most important thing we emphasized and promised to all customers.

We also set up assembly lines for production of Aluminum/Fiberglass step ladders in Canada in 2016.  Oakfair Industrial, Inc. was established in the U.S.A. in 2017. 


We are specialized in manufacturing fiberglass, aluminum step ladders and multitask step ladders, extension ladders, counter step ladders, Saw Horse and more upon customers request.


Professional manufacturing
company producing in both
the USA and China

All ladders are covered by PLI

All ladders meet ANSI standards

Member of NAHB